Distance Learning Providers (DLP) has been at the forefront in creating, facilitating and managing communication channels amongst and between healthcare professionals and patients for the life sciences industry. With a focus on understanding your customers' adoption profile and educational needs, DLP delivers the most meaningful content and learning environment to drive influence. Throughout our history, we have been a pioneer of new approaches, channels and technologies that allow our clients to engage clinicians and patients in a richer dialogue more effectively and efficiently.

"Since 2001, Distance Learning Providers has provided innovative marketing solutions that bring benefits to patients through medical education that centers on a greater understanding of a pharmaceutical product’s efficacy and safety".

Using an integrated approach and custom-developed software solutions from the DLP Innovation Lab™, we blend the strategic, educational and marketing goals of our clients by supplying hands-on delivery and leading edge technology. The programs and services we offer are led by a network of industry leaders who provide expertise and hands-on guidance in identifying, developing and managing strategic campaigns.

Since 2001, we have generated more than 500,000 direct contacts with our clients’ key customers, conducted over 200,000 field-level meetings with physicians and worked with an array of small to large pharmaceutical companies.