“The Expert On Demand™ is the most unique program that any of the pharmaceutical companies have utilized” - Bob Busch, MD, FACE
Founding Member of The Endocrine Group


Our approach involves a thorough understanding of your brand's class, marketplace, audience positioning and marketing objectives. This in-depth understanding allows us to create a peer persuasion program unique to your brand and market.

As a result, our programs have one of the highest ROI's for brand marketing solutions in the industry.

Our approach …

personalizes your message
generates interest
strengthens your brand image
facilitates a valuable learning experience

Distance Learning Providers experienced project management and operations teams offer extensive pharmaceutical marketing and education knowledge. Our team provides a hands-on approach with every client and is actively involved in customizing all aspects of the design and execution of each client program.

Our initiatives are strengthened by a network of partners and professional educators with years of experience in science, technology, medical communications and regulatory affairs.