“The Expert On Demand™ is the most unique program that any of the pharmaceutical companies have utilized” - Bob Busch, MD, FACE
Founding Member of The Endocrine Group


Distance Learning Providers core competency lies in offering programs that are highly personalized to address targeted gaps in the understanding of the efficacy and safety of our client's products.

Our brand marketing solutions are designed to strengthen the physician-representative relationship and deliver our client’s clinical messages in one or all of the following ways:

Personalized one-on-one clinical consults (Expert on Demand™)
Group forum from multiple hosting sites throughout the U.S. (Targeted Telecast Series)
Interactive, multi-media web forums (Webcast on Demand)
A LIVE meeting consult as a means to engage in a face-to-face discussion on clinical advances (LIVE Speaker Engagement)

All of our programs offer a wide range of features and controls of which have been integrated into our proprietary-based software platforms to ensure compliance with FDA requirements pertaining to the nature of discussions taking place during each clinical consult. Experienced moderators from Distance Learning Providers facilitate each program to ensure that they run effectively and are compliant.

Since 2001, our targeted approach has consistently yielded significantly higher returns for our client as compared to traditional promotional programs!

Expert on Demand ™

The Expert on Demand™ program is designed to address the difficulty in communicating complex clinical messages to interested healthcare professionals (HCP) who wish to fill knowledge gaps for on-label indications, using peer influence. This program offers healthcare professionals an opportunity to consult, one-on-one, with a nationally-renowned Key Opinion Leader or a peer with significant background experience.

Targeted Telecast

The popular and highly sought after Targeted Telecast Series is designed to accelerate awareness across all current and future products. This program caters to healthcare professionals who already have a general understanding of the efficacy and safety of your product but have requested additional information on a selected topic. The program provides an excellent opportunity for a small group of healthcare professionals to participate in a public or private forum setting to experience a brief overview and exchange valuable information with a nationally-renowned Key Opinion Leader.

The brief and clinical nature of this program offers great flexibility to healthcare professionals in furthering their understanding of our client’s clinical message and offers audience growth by up to 31%!

Webcast on Demand

The Webcast on Demand Series places Key Opinion Leaders in front of healthcare professionals through an interactive web video conference. This program is designed to communicate your brand message via a virtual lecture environment. The participating healthcare professionals may have little or no prior experience with the product and will benefit from a review of the entire approved curriculum.

The typical format for these sessions consists of a 30-minute presentation followed by Q&A. This format promotes a high level of visual and auditory engagement by the healthcare professionals and more importantly, makes the experience interactive and user-friendly for all parties involved!

Additional key offerings include:

Live streaming on video use
Multimedia file sharing tools
Text chat and survey poll features
Single-to-multiple hosting site capabilities
Moderated discussions by a Compliance Team
Compatible w/ most tablets, notebooks and smartphones

Live Speaker Engagement

The LIVE Speaker Engagement series provides the perfect setting to reach a group of healthcare professionals and provide them with an in-depth and meaningful discussion of your brand as a means to compliment your sales force's efforts.

DLP's breakfast, lunch or dinner meetings bring together a group of healthcare professionals in a local area for a lively guided discussion. During the course of the program, a speaker presents the approved on-label curriculum to group members followed by dialog and discourse on the safety, efficacy and their own clinical experience. Participants expand their knowledge through the experience gained from their peers and benefit from the ability to address their on-label questions.

The 60-90 minute programs are led by a professional moderator with in-depth product and marketing knowledge and expertise in interactive meeting techniques.

Objective client measurements have consistently demonstrated the positive impact of our LIVE Speaker Engagement programs which offer a number of key benefits, such as:

Effective, guided discussion and methodical questioning techniques that guarantee beneficial shared peer learning, experiential dialogue and a credibility that lends to brand loyalty
Product lifecycle is easily addressed to ensure optimal understanding among healthcare professionals, through all stages of product maturity
Product differentiation is easily achieved through on-point curriculum messaging and guided discussion

Product & Compliance Training

Distance Learning Providers training programs cover product education, leadership skills and compliance & regulatory affairs. Training programs are focused on fully engaging field staff and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) in communicating our client’s brand to healthcare professionals.

The majority of DLP's training programs contain multi-media components that include virtual and interactive instructional design elements. These training elements are designed to keep the audience focused on key learning objectives. Attendance and quiz results are tracked and logged into our database to view and report.

Applications for our training initiatives include product launches, field communications and KOL product/compliance training; using advanced methodologies in knowledge distribution and knowledge sharing.

Software Solutions

Given the complex nature of the healthcare landscape,
Distance Learning Providers recognizes that a company's strength is defined by the intellectual property and innovative solutions for staying ahead in the marketplace.

DLP's Software Innovation Lab is a leader in customized software development for business management and analytics and is the preferred choice of our FORTUNE Global 500® life sciences customers. Our cutting-edge technology division is supported by a dedicated team of software engineers, database architects, and design specialists who provide innovative solutions as the cornerstone for supporting a company’s business technology infrastructure, as well as seamless integration to mitigate organizational risk in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology landscape.

DLP's SAP software is certified to sustain profitability and is methodically engineered to meet day-to-day operations while empowering our customers to become self-sufficient. In fact, our software packages include a configured system based on SAP's Life Science "Best Practices," facilitating a rapid deployment and minimal day-to-day business disturbance.

Complete pre-configuration settings give our customers everything they need to run specific key processes "out of the box" with minimal installation effort, in addition to fully customizable solutions to meet your technical specifications.

Software features include:

Compliance with U.S. and global regulations
Manage complex multi-channel customer relationships
Outsourced manufacturing/third party processing
Compliant manufacturing
FDA Compliance (Validation and Verification)
Customer Service Center - 360° Customer View
Customer Pricing/Batch Reservation
Automatic movement of expiring shelf-life materials
RFID Integration
Business Intelligence Support

Business Process Documentation

Full process documentation templates included and tailored to your specific business requirements
Includes Life sciences-specific business processes and procedures
SOP templates and FDA validation roadmap


Pre-configured or customizable training templates included and tailored to your specific business requirements
"Train the trainer" approach


Central repository for procedures and documentation

Continuous Support

Outsourced technical and functional support
Hosting environment
Web-based customer service center
Live support call center customer service center

Mobile Tablet Apps

Distance Learning Providers is the experienced development partner for our FORTUNE Global 500® customers in creating compelling, successful mobile & tablet applications that meet FDA guidelines, as well as healthcare provider and patient privacy standards for today’s marketplace.  We design groundbreaking solutions to effectively relay your brand’s message by devising a multichannel strategy. Our Innovation Lab is a premier supplier for addressing awareness on adoption gaps by offering our users immediate and real-time access on brand information via their tablet devices or smartphones.

Our custom mobile & tablet applications are tailored to your specific business requirements and we can take your projects from concept to reality, within an aggression timeline to completion.  Our highly skilled software engineers can help you determine what you need and in turn, our management specialists provide the entire lifecycle of product development services from design/development to QA/marketing in order to ensure 100% product success.

Whether you need a tablet-friendly version of an existing web application or are designing an entirely new product, our experienced Innovation Lab team can quickly and cost-effectively meet your business requirements.

Our Mobile & Tablet App Development services include:

Smartphone & Tablet Solutions
  • iPhone & iPad Applications Development (Objective C)
  • Android Applications Development (Java)
  • Symbian Applications Development (J2ME)
  • BlackBerry Applications Development
  • Windows Phone Applications Development (SilverLight)
Cross-platform conversion (iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone)
Tablet UI best practices
OpenGL-based applications development
Installation and synchronization features
Wireless and wired uploads
User acceptance testing
eCompliance solutions
RFID Integration
Mobile games development