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Distance Learning Providers (DLP) maintains a comprehensive Corporate Compliance Program that reflects our longstanding commitment to compliance laws and regulations that govern promotional and marketing activities. As a specialty firm catering to the life sciences industry, DLP recognizes the importance to operate in a highly complex and regulated business environment. Our Compliance Program is versed and current on the changing regulatory landscape at the federal and state level and creates products that adhere strictly to the guidelines set forth by both the government and client companies.

Consistent with the industry we serve, compliance adherence serves at the core of every top-level decision made, as well as the day-to-day management of our clients’ programs. We believe that our responsibility is no less than that of the clients we serve, and therefore at DLP, we ensure that all company policies and procedures are adhered to, along with all PhRMA guidelines.

Interactions with healthcare professionals, within the bounds of the approved labeling, can provide valuable scientific and clinical information that is vital to great patient care. DLP's staff is trained on the specific meaning and limits of approved labeling, including basic understanding of indications, contraindications, dosage, and important safety information, among other things.

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