“DLP is the most accommodating and professional company I've ever worked with. They are a leader in the industry.” - Mona Floyd, Associate Director,
Amylin Pharmaceuticals


Distance Learning Providers integrity is governed by a "Code of Ethical Business Conduct" in which our organization is fundamentally committed to the following:

To Our Customers

We are dedicated to providing our customers with comprehensive solutions for promoting brand and disease state awareness for the advancement and treatment of acute/chronic diseases. Our commitment helps support our customers in supplying the healthcare community with decisions for improving patient care.


We are committed to a culture that treats all employees (as well as contingent staff and consultants) with fairness, dignity, and respect, and affords them an opportunity to grow, develop professionally, and work in a team environment in which ideas are cultivated.

Our Healthcare Professionals

We are devoted to integrity in all our marketing and promotional activities. We provide valuable and accurate information to healthcare professionals and organizations in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Code, as well as all applicable laws, rules and regulations that govern our marketing activities.

Our Regulators

We are committed to an environment in which compliance with laws, regulations, and sound business practices are woven into our corporate culture. We accept the responsibility to aggressively self-govern and monitor compliance with the requirements of state and federal laws, industry guidance, and our Code of Ethical Business Conduct. We are committed to complying with the PhRMA Code on Interactions with Health Care Professionals, as well as applicable state and federal regulations.

The Community

We are passionate about understanding the particular needs of the communities we serve and our responsibility to promote health and provide assistance to those in need. We proudly invest the scope of our resources – people, skills, expertise and funding – to increase access to medicines and diagnostic tests, to promote good will and further charitable causes.