Distance Learning Providers | Event Planning

“DLP is the most accommodating and professional company I've ever worked with. They are a leader in the industry.” - Mona Floyd, Associate Director,
Amylin Pharmaceuticals


Event management solutions powered by OES

DLP's event specialist division addresses the logistical needs of our clients in delivering on-site speaker training, conference and meeting services. Our planning services are designed for true convergence of seamless workflow in speaker relations, logistics, budgeting and compliance. Each of these areas are integrated to provide compliant event and on-site meeting management oversight, ensure healthcare provider interactions meet company standards, coordinate travel, accommodation & hospitality needs, equipment requirements, enforce program validation, and adhere to required governance.

Additional Capabilities include:

Contract management
Speaker training
Fair Market Value Assessment
Integrated program calendar
Budget management & speaker payments
Tracking & reporting
State and federal compliance strictures
Program management
Payment/Reimbursement Tracking
Help Desk

The Online Enrollment System™ (OES) is a robust technology platform which serves as a centralized gateway that efficiently oversees all key program management functions such as: scheduling and confirming all types of speaker related activities, sales force budget allocation and tracking, and quality control assurance. OES allows clients to implement certain restrictions and monitors program involvement at a franchise or individual brand level.

OES offers user-friendly capabilities for designated personnel to gain immediate access to all information needed for program involvement. Additional functionalities and key features include:

Secure login to individual accounts
Individual "tiered" user access created at a local, district, and regional level
Real time visibility of all program activity
Program allocation matrix
One Click Budget Tracker tool for field managers
Faculty warehousing containing: bio, CV, photographs, specialty area details
Immediate downloadable access to program resources and training material
Lifespan tracking for all speaker related functions
Automated email delivery to designated personnel
On-label curriculum library
Payment cataloguing
Specialized, live call center support

OES manages as many as 125,000 events a year, spanning a wide range of program sizes and complexity. OES is fully customizable to meet the precise needs of your brand marketing goals.