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Digital media solutions powered by DLP’s Innovation Lab

Distance Learning Providers recognizes the importance
of adopting social media practices to keep the healthcare community well-informed on the latest clinical advances. Since 2011, more than 74% of pharmaceutical companies had adopted social media pathways, and for those who didn't take advantage of this digital channel, they saw a significantly lower investment for their return*.

DLP provides its customers with topline social campaign solutions that can be applied at every stage of a brand’s lifecycle (from inception to maturity) and generate insight that can be utilized across functions which serve specific business objectives.

Our social media initiatives actively and cost-effectively engage physicians and patients and can be customized to meet your company policies and procedures, as well as adhere to FDA guidelines.

Our social media campaigns are designed in one or all of the following ways …

‣ Connect physicians via secure social networking sites
‣ Educate consumers in a forum environment
‣ Share human experiences on disease treatment
‣ Disseminate patient sentiments on drug regimen
‣ Address unmet patient needs
‣ Measure impact around side effects and drug usage recommendations

* Source:http://www.cognizant.com/InsightsWhitepapers/Adaptive-Social-Media-in-Life-Sciences.pdf