Distance Learning Providers | Content Management

“DLP is the most accommodating and professional company I've ever worked with. They are a leader in the industry.” - Mona Floyd, Associate Director,
Amylin Pharmaceuticals


Distance Learning Providers expert division consists of valuable U.S. stakeholders and global thought leaders from various therapeutic areas who provide their insight and years of clinical experience. Our highly experienced stakeholders respectively contribute and develop research-related material during all clinical phases, which addresses the met/unmet needs of the medical community leading to final FDA approval.

Through this specialty channel, DLP is capable of developing, hosting, distributing and facilitating clinical content to reach the healthcare provider community, as well as attendees to all speaker bureau programs ensuring version control is implemented and that comprehensive recordkeeping is compliant and accurate.

At DLP, we are dedicated to creating content that informs, stimulates and inspires your customers to address or satisfy a clinical need within any given therapeutic area. Our core competencies allow us to:

Gauge clinical needs for customized audience
Implement treatment selection drivers, such as:
  • Adverse event management procedures
  • Surveillance regimens
  • Product perceptions vs. misperceptions
  • Evolving treatment landscape
Customize paradigm tailoring

DLP ensures that its scientific team styles your marketing and medical objectives by delivering the following:

Slide set training
Developmental resources for the MD community
Data insight and mining of clinical research
  • Supplemental journal prints
  • Abstracts
  • Compilations
  • Full approved/on-label curriculum
  • Posters and kits
Product and disease state related monographs
Newsletters, synopses, symposium and presentation highlights
Needs assessment preparation and submission proof-cycling
Executive Summary deliverance (post-meeting)